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i like shopping in internet,beacuse it don't need to go out,so i usually shopping ,also i have some of shop to visit,but when i see complaint the dressky.com ,i thing the shop is good,dirty bag is formal,Because to transport,the goods is stop sale,it is formal,i don't thing it is a question,

there clothes is beauty,when i recieved my order,i recieved a gift,it is a surprise,beacuse the buyer don't teel me ,and i made some of order in the shop,there is no Minimum order

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Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States #616323

Worst wholesale site ever, same owner company as Lovelyshoes. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY STOCK- what they do is find clothing to copy from magazines, and remake it by finding similar materials, that is why the clothes never look the same as photo.


it is clear that the message comes from someone who works at dressky :)


I have no clue what you're trying to say, and I've re-read it like 3 times now.


What are you complaining about?


you didn't make any sense... :x

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Dressky worst wholesale

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When I order from them several items were not on stock they didn't tell me.

After several days, I receive the products they came in a dirty DHL bag (an old bag wrap with toons of tape)

I open the bag and the clothes smell funny and look really cheap (I know they would look cheap but they were incredible cheap)

The fabric was really thin, some buttons were missing.

Not one was werable because of the smell (like recicled plastic) and of course the really poor quality.

For example, one blouse was as thin as a tissue, it doesn´t have the front details shown in the picture and was really small (it fits a 8 years old).

The rest of the clothes look like old and used.

I want a refund!

Dressky is a robber

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I ordered the products from Dressky website.Two days later I received an email from customer service said that the products I ordered is no longer selling.

I canceled it with them agreed that they will refund the remain amount to me. It has been almost one and half week. I still don't see any refund back to my account. I've sent the email to them asking for my refund.

However, they didn't send any respond back to me. I received the product today and it nothing like the picture. It's *** and cheap material. I want to warn everybody DO NOT shop at Dressky Website.

They're stealing my money.

They are robbery!!!!!!

From unsatisfied customer.

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I ordered the products from dressky website too,but I think the products is not bad and so cheap ,they refund me about the unavailable items in time and the customer service so nice still send me a gift as a apology .I will order there next time.

Dressky steals money and does not send all the items ordered!

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I just want to give a warning to all of you who are thinking about buying from dressky.com - I highly recommend not to do it! I placed an order of approximately 500 USD, the order including three winter coats. But when I received the package, there were no coats at all! So they left out the heaviest products from the parcel, and I'm guessing that's because they wanted to save money (and gain profit) by sending a lighter package! Even though I had paid for the winter coats and the postal costs, they refused to send me the missing items. So they stole my money!

Please think twice before buying anything from them, unless you wanna get robbed.

The other clothes in the package that they sent were total rubbish. Very poor material, and a couple of shirts also had holes in them because they weren't sewed properly..

Sincerely yours,

A very pissed customer

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Dressky is a complete SCAM.

They only have STOCK photos of their "items" but never actual photos, because you know why? The actual clothing you get from them is not wearable. The quality is so poor, the material will make your skin itch. I ordered over 300USD worth of clothes from them and only one cardigan was even wearable. The rest was complete GARBAGE. Half the items had holes, missing buttons,etc. Makes me think they went down to the salvation army to grab my stuff and ship it to me. Actually the salvation army probably has better clothes than dressky. When I confronted dressky through their "Live Chat" about the quality I received, they were indifferent and said it's not their problem. What kind of customer service is this? The worst.

Don't make my mistake, don't buy from them.

All the good reviews on this website is written by reps of dressky. Hahahaha you guys are pathetic.


Reply to 3. Written by fiona on July 26, 2011 from beijing, beijing, CN

Hello Dressky admin, I'd recognise that stlye of writting anywhere.

Dressky.com always start thier emails with "Dear"

Dressky.com is a scam

Beware any good reviews of this company in broken English! It's them trying to negate the bad reviews!!


dressky.com rip you off!

They sent me the wrong items! I got completely useless rubbish clothing I did not order.

Then followed a long email chain of trying to make them understand why this is not good customer service. They did not understand and completely refused to refund me unless I posted the items back. I tried to explain that this would cost me more money for these items I did not order!

Shame as my company could have sent them alot of business. Good companies understand the value of looking after thier customers, they do not understand this concept.



I ordered from dressky.com for the first time, and they immediately stole my money too, although *only* partially.

They canceled 2 items from my order, but in parallel increased the shipping cost, so I actually got far smaller refund than expected. Furthermore, they didn't inform me of the cost change, and I could only see the shipping cost cost *after* they shipped out the order. It's not a honest seller, I won't buy from them anymore!


dear,i also had made order in dressky.com, i think it is very good,the serivce also is friendly,and they aslo wll send to me gift,when i see your complain,i feel sorry,why are thing so,and i love it better,there is no mini order


Well I have to be honest.

When I order and they don´t have the products they refund me the money.

But the truth is the quality of their products is either good or really bad.

For example I order 5 items only one has good quality (a pink shirt) the others were not werable at all.

Mainly because the fabric was really thin and transparent and one almost fall apart when I wear it.

Also one dress came with out 3 buttons and the skirt was totally transparent.

Other top doesn´t look like the image in the web site (it doesn´t have the ribbons and details in the front it was just a plain top and was one of the expensive ones).

Other top has rhinestones (in the picture) inn reality it has cheap plastic cristals pasted with glue.

They start to fall a few days after purchased.

Also the items smell like the factory (you have to wash them first).

I am sure some people had better luck with them and receive good items (like the pink shirt I got) but there is a good chance you are not so lucky.

If you want it for yourself better buy from Yesstyle and Fashion4us.

If you want to sell them search for another wholesaler, some that offers an even quality.

The service is friendly but not very good, they don´t answer your questions fast you have to wait sometimes days to get an answer.

And when their site go down they didn´t answer the chat or the e-mail until days later.


:p I have never had any problems with dressky. One item I ordered was out of stock in the color I wanted so they notified me asap and let me pick out another item and refunded me the extra money. They are a wholesale dealer and you are getting things very very cheap so I am fine with the service they provided me :grin


I ordered the products from dressky website too,but I think the products is not bad and so cheap ,they refund me about the unavailable items in time and the customer service so nice still send me a gift as a apology .I will order there next time

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